External Parasites

    Bugs Do More Than Bug Your Pet

    Sometimes a bite is just a bite, but many insects carry diseases that can infect your dog or cat. You risk your pet's health if you do not protect them against the most common external parasites.

    Fleas and Ticks

    Fleas and ticks can transmit parasites to both dogs and cats. Fleas often carry tapeworms while ticks can carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. While tapeworms can usually be treated successfully through the use of deworming agents, there is currently no effective treatment against some tick-borne diseases. These maladies may be fatal to your pets. You are therefore strongly urged to keep your animals protected through the use of a flea and tick prevention. SNAP wellness clinics offer several major brands at reduced prices.


    Mosquitoes carry heartworm disease when it is in its microscopic larval stage. A mosquito bite can transmit the disease to dogs and cats, causing a serious threat to their health. (Humans do not get heartworm disease.) Heartworm prevention kills the worms before they have a chance to harm your animal. See our webpage on Internal Parasites for additional information on heartworms, treatment, and prevention. SNAP wellness clinics offer heartworm testing for dogs and heartworm prevention for dogs and cats. (There is currently no reliable test for cats.)

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