Keep Your Animal Healthy

    Dogs and cats face many threats to their health. The good news is that you can protect your beloved animals against many of them. SNAP strives to help you do this through the use of prevention screenings and wellness services and products including vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, and flea and tick prevention. We also provide microchipping, which can help your furry friends find their way back home should they ever become lost. Educating yourself is important as understanding the dangers your pets face can help you insure their health. This section includes information you can use to educate yourself regarding the most common canine and feline infections, diseases, and parasites.

    SNAP Wellness Services

    Is your animal up to date on his rabies vaccinations? Is she protected against distemper and heartworms? SNAP offers wellness services that can help reduce the possibility that your cat or dog will be affected by these dangers. Learn more about the full range of wellness products and services available at SNAP clinics by reviewing our Wellness Services webpage.

    Preventive Screening

    You can't help your pets if you don't know they are suffering. While SNAP does not treat ill or injured animals, we can perform preventive screening to help establish whether they are suffering from certain parasites or diseases. (If you already know that your animal is ill, please consult a full-service veterinary clinic.)

    Microbial Diseases

    Bacteria and viruses cause many of the diseases that affect dogs and cats. Understanding how these microbes are transmitted can help you protect your animal(s) against them. Understanding the microbial diseases they cause will convince you why you should.

    External Parasites

    There are a number of insects--including some both those that crawl and those that fly--that can make a kitty's or pup's existence less pleasant than it should be, and some even carry deadly diseases. Learn more about these external parasites and why you should prevent them from getting to your animals.

    Internal Parasites

    Perhaps more revolting than external parasites are internal parasites. These include a variety of worms that attack the intestinal tract as well as heartworms, which affect the cardiac and pulmonary systems. All of them will gradually sap a dog's or cat's energy and health and may even result in their death if left untreated. Learn more for your animals' sake.

    Zoonotic Diseases

    When you protect your animal against disease, you may also be protecting yourself and the rest of your family. Zoonotic diseases are those that can be transmitted between animals and humans.

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