Spay-Neuter Facts

Spay-Neuter Facts

    Spay-Neuter Is Good for Your Animal and Other Animals as Well

    Why spay-neuter your pets? It's a perfectly valid question. Review the collection of spay-neuter facts you will find on the pages that follow and you will come to see why it is good for your animal's health, beneficial to your peace of mind, and important for animals everywhere.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everyone has questions about spay-neuter. Find answers to those asked most often on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Overpopulation Facts

    Millions of healthy and adorable dogs and cats are euthanized (put to death) each year because there are simply not enough homes for them all. Many more are abandoned by uncaring owners and die while attempting to fend for themselves. Learn more about this terrible toll and the role that spay-neuter plays in reducing it on our Overpopulation Facts page.

    Health Benefits

    Numerous studies indicate that dogs and cats that are spayed or neutered are statistically likely to live substantially longer than those that are not. This is especially true of animals sterilized before they become sexually mature (which happens as early as six months of age). See our Health Benefits page to learn how your animals' health may benefit, and then give your beloved pets a better chance for a long and happy life by getting them sterilized.

    Behavioral Benefits

    Dogs and cats are easy to love. That doesn't mean they don't sometimes engage in annoying or destructive behaviors. Spay-neuter can help reduce certain behavioral tendencies making life easier for both you and your animals. Learn more on our Behavioral Benefits page.

    Myths & Facts

    There is a great deal of information floating around surrounding the benefits and hazards of spay-neuter. Some of it is even true; however, a great deal of it is not. Let us help you separate the Myths & Facts about sterilization.

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