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 One Stop Services
Spaying and neutering is just the beginning. SNAP wellness services can help your animals live longer, healthier lives.

Mobile Clinics

If you are on a qualifying form of public assistance, you can have your dogs and/or cats spayed and neutered for free aboard our mobile clinic. SNAP operates mobile spay-neuter clinics in both Houston and San Antonio, Texas. If your animal(s) do not have a current rabies vaccination, the mobile clinic staff will also vaccinate them at no cost to you. The mobile clinic also offers other vaccinations as well as deworming and flea and tick preventative, all at reduced cost. Combining these services on the mobile clinic lets you take care of all of your animals' most important health and wellness needs in a single convenient visit.

Spay-Neuter Clinic

SNAP offers reduced-cost spaying and neutering for the dogs and cats of those who do not qualify for our free programs. Residents of the Houston area can bring their animals to the SNAP Houston Spay-Neuter Clinic at 1603 Shepherd Dr. [MAP]. Residents of the San Antonio area can simply bring their dogs and cats to the San Antonio mobile clinic to receive our reduced-cost services. Regardless of whether you live in Houston or San Antonio, you can also take advantage of our additional reduced cost services at the same time. These include vaccinations, deworming, heartworm testing and prevention, flea and tick prevention, and microchipping.

Wellness Clinic

If your dogs and cats are already sterilized, or if it's just time to renew your furry friends' other healthcare safeguards, the nearest SNAP wellness clinic is your one-stop answer. Our wellness clinics offer reduced-cost vaccinations, deworming, heartworm testing and prevention, and flea and tick prevention. Microchipping, which can help you recover your beloved pals should they ever become lost, is also available through our wellness clinics. The SNAP Houston wellness clinic is located at 1801 Durham Dr., Suite 1 [MAP]. The San Antonio wellness clinic is periodic service provided through the San Antonio mobile clinic. See the San Antonio mobile clinic schedule for wellness days and locations.

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